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What is Lovelty?

Lovelty combines 10 distinct loyalty reward programs in one platform. With its distinct engagement capabilities, Lovelty is considered the most advanced and innovative loyalty platform in the market today.

Why have a loyalty program?
How to setup a merchant profile?
How to create a buy X get Y product loyalty offer?
How to create a point-based loyalty promotion?
How to create a discount-based promotion?
How to create a special use promotion?
Why have a loyalty program?
How Lovelty is Different?
Lovelty, loyalty program in Dubai

Most loyalty programs in the market are short term pricing-discount systems. With Lovelty you build rewarding long-term relationships. Learn More

Increase your revenue with Lovelty

Do not allow third parties to snip your revenue. With Lovelty 100% of your revenue is yours and you reward you customers based on their loyalty. Learn More

Build loyalty your own way. With Lovelty you will be able to personalize your rewards and implement the loyalty program the suits your market. Learn More

Launch your loyalty program in less than 60 minutes

With Lovelty, you can launch your loyalty program in minutes and benefit from Lovelty’s advanced unique features that took years to develop. Learn More

Lovelty Platform

Merchant self-service portal

Once you sign up, you gain access to your exclusive merchant portal

  • Used exclusively by merchants
  • Profile and branch setup
  • Enter product loyalty offers and loyalty points promotions
  • Print labels and table standee
  • Advanced dashboard & usage analytics

Merchant dedicated mobile app

Each of your branches will have access to your merchant dedicated app

  • Used by each merchant branch
  • Used to assign hearts, redeem gifts, assign & redeem points and apply promotions
  • Downloadable from app stores
  • Available on Android and iOS

Customer mobile app

A mobile app exclusive for all customers and is used to:

  • Access loyalty offers & loyalty points promotions, collect hearts, redeem gifts, collect points, redeem points, share deals with friends
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Location based
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Social Sign up including Facebook, Google, and email
Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence
Lovelty is the first Loyalty program to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence. Lovelty uses proprietary AI algorithm to calculate customer’s Lovelty score and brand Loyalty score.
AI Loyalty Score

Brand AI Loyalty score is calculated by the AI engine and shows the tendency of the consumers to buy its products. The score is out of 100.

AI Lovelty Score

Customer AI Lovelty score is calculated by the AI engine and shows customer’s level of purchase activity and commitment. The score is out of 10.

Caters to wide categories of businesses
Lovelty caters to a diversified set of industries. You can enjoy the amazing features of Lovelty if your business belongs to any of the following categories.
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