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Lovelty | Increase your customer base

Increase your customer base

Lovelty offers your business a full portal exclusively for you to manage your entire loyalty program on your own. Lovelty also offers you a mobile app to use exclusively in each of your branches for assigning and redeeming loyalty offers and loyalty promotions.

Lovelty | Retain existing customers

Retaining Existing Customers

To retain your existing customers and increase the frequency of their visits to your facility, you create loyalty promotions exclusive for those who have previously used any of your loyalty offers or loyalty promotions.

Lovelty | Personalize your promotions

Personalizing Your Promotions

Lovelty is the only loyalty program that enables you to create exclusive promotions to specific individuals. For example, you can create a promotion to offer certain users a discount, a service, or a birthday cake on their birthdays. Once you create such a promotion, the users selected will get a push notification and a message to visit your facility and use such a promotion. Sure, you can add your specific T&C and expiry date for such promotions.

Lovelty | Social sharing

Social sharing

Lovelty offers you a unique feature of social sharing. To gain additional customers, you can enable Lovelty feature to reward customers once they share your offers with friends using social media or by email. Again, you have all the flexibility to configure what customers will get by sharing.

Lovelty | Unique loyalty points

Product Delivery and busy POS

Lovelty offers your business a unique innovative method of providing loyalty hearts, to your customers wherever they are. Lovelty enables you to print loyalty hearts on small labels that you can attach to your receipt and enable your customers to read those hearts themselves through their Lovelty mobile app.

Lovelty | Analytics and business insights

Analytics and business insights

Once you sign up on Lovelty portal, you will have access to configure your company/brand, create all loyalty offers and loyalty promotions, add your branches, and gain complete insights on the performance of each offer and promotion you do. You will see your most loyal customers, and much more to enable you to make business decisions that will help you grow your business.

How Lovelty is Different?

A successful loyalty scheme must offer more than pricing discount

All popular loyalty programs in the market offer pricing discount only & do not reward loyalty. Discount based programs eat the merchant’s revenue and do not secure the customer to comeback.

AI Analytics and business insights

Once you sign up on Lovelty portal, you will have access to configure your entire loyalty program and unlock the power to a whole new world of customer loyalty. You will be able to see advanced dashboard, AI scores, and have the insights to make the most optimal business decisions to grow your business.

A successful business is intelligent business

Advanced analytics dashboard is built in to help each merchant optimize the deals offered for maximum revenue and customer happiness. Lovelty's unique AI engine brings for the first time in the Middle East the power of AI to loyalty.

Implement the loyalty program that suits your business

Through the dedicated merchant portal, each merchant has the power to create the offers and promotions that suit their business need and for the first time personalize promotions and enable social sharing.

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